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Mission1Race is a worldwide community of individuals fostering eclectic oneness. Learn more about our 3 different paths and the many ways you can be part of the movement:



Mission1Race is a social movement-driven organization that offers a collection of events and experiences. On our Social Movement path, you can choose to connect with us on social media, follow our podcast, or subscribe to check out our shared content on two different journeys.

The 1Voice Journey for Podcasts and Social Media

The 1Love Journey for Content Creators


Faith-based curriculum, sermons, and resources. Our curriculum is designed to guide you in your journey towards Oneness. If you are a faith-based organization, you can host Mission1Race for equality and racial injustice training aligned with our 8 principles.

The 1World Journey curriculum to inspire oneness

The 1Passion Journey, a Partnership with Faith-Based groups

The 1Truth Journey curriculum for Faith-Based groups




Events are the best way to experience Mission1Race Movement. Connecting individuals, locally and globally, to have conversations and experiences in live and virtual environments. Our Events, which include Runs, Walks, and Mediations, promote being active together. 

The 1Step Journey to Run, Walk, and Move.
The 1Community Journey for building relationships.


Follow Us & Share Our Work

Become a Mission1Race advocate and Invite others into the movement to transform this world one heart, one mind, and one soul at a time.

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Register for Our Events

Connect and build community with other people online or in person. Our Events  include Runs, Walks, and Meditations to promote being active together. 

Explore Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum incorporates critical learning components to guide you in our journey towards Oneness. Join us to learn more about our principles.

Looking for opportunities to partner with us?

We partner with faith-based organizations to share Mission1Race principles and values and collaborate to demonstrate agape love through action to reach those within and beyond your community.


Contact to get started.

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