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This only movement only goes as far as you as a community goes. That is  why it is important for you to partner with us. Please look  below, depending on if you are a church, individual, or an organization there is a role for you to play in spreading love, mission, and oneness. 

***If you are a 501c3 organization and/or church please ask us about our: Peer to Peer 50/50 Fundraising Program. 

Anchor Church Partner

This is an opportunity to  become a  1Passion partner. What does that mean, you will be  a hub location for present and/or future 1Community groups, community events, coaching and/or unity nights. 

The next step is a prayerful conversation with  someone from our team about your specific heart desire, content, vision, and local leadership.

Please fill out the M1R connect card.


Ambassador  of  Oneness

One person can  absolutely change the dynamics of an organization, family, and/or community. If you are reading this statement, you are a person that believes that you may have interest and/or the potential to  become what we call an Ambassador of Oneness. We have original transformational curriculum, content, and  coaching available for you as an individual as well as a potential 1Community group and/more that we can equip you.  Will you accept the mission to spread love and oneness throughout your community?  

The next intentional step is a one on one  conversation with  someone from our team about your background, interest, skills, and availability.

Please fill out the M1R connect card.


Organizational Ally

Mission1Race has a number of ways for us to engage with organizations that are mutually beneficial and impactful. Our 1Touch partners have the opportunity to participate in and/or host a number of our community events that provide the opportunity for team building, social awareness and inclusion, and overall long-lasting unity and bonding for any organization. This, coupled with the ability to host an international 1Community group in which we incorporate our priority DIO (diversity, inclusion, oneness), makes partnering with and becoming an ally with Mission1Race beneficial for company culture, communication, and overall success.

The necessary next step is to have a detailed conversation and evaluation of your goals, interests, and current company needs.

Please fill out the M1R connect card.

M1R Connect Card

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