We are all a part of one human race. 

Join the Movement to transform this world one heart, one mind, and one soul at a time.You can get involved by giving, volunteering, partnering, running, and sharing. Let's Journey towards Oneness and build a universal bond as a worldwide community.

Our Vision is bold. We believe in the power of Love, Mission, and Oneness and together, as unique individuals, we can change the world. Your donation will help support our 8 Journeys as we continue to fight for human reconciliation and equality. We welcome both one-time or

monthly gifts.  

Mission1Race is staffed by volunteers from all walks of life. We're looking for other passionate and eclectic people who want to help the Mission. Are you inspired to give back? Whether you can spare a few hours a week or commit even more time, such as volunteering at the Mission1Race: The Journey event, please consider being a volunteer and join our Ohana.

Throughout all of our 8 Journeys, there is an opportunity to collaborate with you, as a leader and participant; to educate universally, share Mission1Race principles and values, connect communities, build relationships, and contribute stories and experiences. We want to unite and transform the world with you. Learn, partner, and engage with us.

Group Meeting


Do you want to learn more about Mission1Race's principles? You can with the Mission1Race Curriculum. It's part of our Journey towards Oneness and incorporates a set of learning components that are critical our Mission of Oneness. Taking place over an 8-month period, our curriculum will teach our principles and engage you as an active participant. Our 1Truth and 1World Journeys were designed for both faith-based and Diversity/Inclusion/Oneness (DIO) training to approach everyone.


Are you looking to join an inclusive environment to build genuine relationships and connect with others who want to change the world? Are you ready to experience interactive events that promote social reconciliation? Our 1Community and 1Step Journeys give you the opportunity to connect through conversations and active social activities, including Mission1Race: The Journey, our ultramarathon event, crossing 250 Miles and 7 Missions for

1 Epicly Inclusive Human Race.



Do you lead a faith-based organization or church with the same principles as Mission1Race and want to invite further discussion and demonstrate love through action? Are you an organization that desires to connect and lead their community by partnering with us through the shared vision of tangible Oneness? We want to partner and align with you through our 1Passion and 1Touch Journeys to cultivate understanding and take action within and beyond your affiliated communities.


Are you inspired and motivated by what others have to say? Perhaps you have a gift to affect others. When it's difficult to find your voice, do you use other ways to express yourself through art, music, and other creative avenues? We want to share your stories and create content to inspire and motivate everyone, touch hearts, minds, and souls, and bring people together through expression, and spread the love we all have within ourselves. Our 1Voice and 1Love Journeys enable us to share and connect through different forms of media. 

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Join the movement and conversation on social media. Follow and share stories with us! 

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