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Curriculum to inspire oneness.


Do you want to learn more about Mission1Race's principles?  Our curriculum is part of our journey towards Oneness and incorporates a set of critical learning components to our mission. Taking place over eight months, our curriculum will teach our principles and engage you as an active participant. 

Our Diversity/Inclusion/Oneness (DIO) curriculum includes events, seminars, and additional resources. 

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Tailored Slides

You will slides tailored to your needs. Whether you are part of a religious organization or secular nonprofit, group, or organization we have a curriculum tailored to the needs of your community.

Interactive Activities

Each curriculum includes a set of activities.

From icebreakers to activities that will allow you to raise awareness with your audience.

Do you lead a church, nonprofit, or corporation and want to invite further discussion and demonstrate love through action? 


Partnership with Companies and NGOs.


Mission1Race aligns with non-governmental organizations worldwide to benefit everyone through volunteering, charity, running, providing funds, and promoting oneness.


Partnership with Faith-Based groups.

We partner with faith-based organizations to share our principles and values and demonstrate agape love through action to reach those within and beyond your community.

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