Uniquely Enough

Do you know what I have a hard time wrapping my brain around? It’s my strengths - where I fit into this world! Turns out, it’s hard for me to see what I’m good at! Can you relate? I look around and see the lives others have made for themselves – They seem so capable, and mostly confident. I look at my life, and think, “Geezo! I’m hanging on by a thread here! I better hide, grasp, fight, cling, and fake it to make it through this thing. I’m not enough.” And then it gets even more interesting – When I am striving “to be enough”, I begin placing similar demands on others, to strive to be enough. For although they seem so capable, I also see glaring faults. It’s as if my struggle to measure up demands a similar struggle of others; my harshness with myself translating into harshness towards others. But I’m forgetting something –

I am enough. God says so. He created the deepest, most hidden parts of me. He exceptionally and wonderfully designed who I am, long before I, or anyone else, knew of me. He knows everything about me, my thoughts and my actions. (Psalms 139) He designed me with certain abilities that will enable me to undertake something only I have been designed to do. I am the only me. [1]

Isn’t that just the kind of crazy redemption God offers us? His love sneaks into our lives, altering our core insecurities, then enabling us to pour love into others. And the sneakiest part of this whole thing – God probably used another human being as the conveyor of love into our lives. Our unique sameness demonstrated in a realization of our unique enough-ness… God using each one to spread the love to the next! Beautiful! What is torn apart by not realizing his truth, is healed by realizing his love. The striving that promotes discord and prejudice, is counteracted through a realization of his love poured out on us all.

God, forgive me for the ways I’ve doubted your design. Thank you for lovingly encouraging me to see the truth. Forgive me for the harshness I’ve had towards others in thinking they should strive as I do. Thank you for your wonderfully amazing design of each one of your beautiful creations. Help me see more of the wonder and beauty. Help me to see wonder and beauty where it is hard to see! I seek to grow in appreciation for who you made me to be, and what you made me to do. I continue to watch in amazement as more beautiful, uniquely the same qualities becomes clear in us all. I celebrate what I see, and continue to wonder and search for more!

Uniquely Yours,

Becky Miller


1. Corp Sayvee. I Am The Only Me ft Mau At. YouTube, 2020. Viideo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sGE17UWOf0

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