Unique Collective Beauty

I bent down to pick up the coin. As I gathered it into my hands, I thought about all the ways that coin could be altered; it could be scratched, melted, bent, tarnished.

So often our world does that to us, doesn't it? Even the well intended sometimes give such a sharp prick. And that doesn't even begin to address the debilitating blow from those not so well intended. It feels as if my insides would burst like a balloon, with the rest of myself flying about my world in a frenzied panic to make sense of what just happened…. Or has been happening for my whole life… or before I was born.

It's not supposed to be this way. In the garden, God created intricate designs for everything, beautifully unique, contributing to a place so glorious we still refer to Eden fondly. His design was for wondrous collaboration and interdependence [1]. And then God tried again, instituting a chosen family of people to grow into a great nation and be the bearers of his will to the world. (Gen. 12) And then He tried again, this time sending his own Son to reconcile a lost, lonely, hurting and hurtful world to his love; love from him, love for others. (John 3.16) And he will try again, in the new heaven and new earth, he will wipe away tears, (Rev. 21.4) and right these horrendous wrongs. Yet we moan as we wait for his final play - the play that will bring us home. (Rom. 8.22-23)

It's not supposed to be this way. But maybe in a strange twist of irony, God called us to bring our broken selves to the wounded world [2]. God calls us to love one another with his love. We can see redemption in that call. He has uniquely equipped us to be bearers of his love to those that need it most. To the hurting, the broken, and the hateful, we have an equipping that funnels his love to places into the deepest places of their hearts. (Rom. 8.21, 24-25)

And I flip that little coin over in my hand. Tenderly I wipe a bit of dirt from one side. I know just exactly where this coin will shine most brightly…. I gently affix it in a long string of other coins, as beautifully unique as the next one. And this long string hangs next to another long string of equally beautiful and unique coins. And another string next to that one, and another, and another. Then the breeze picks up, gently brushing the gorgeous strings of coins from all around the world. Its gentle touch entices the coin strings to dance ever so slightly, causing the most delicate, melodious sound I've yet heard.

This is my hope for our world, our communities, our neighbors, our friendships, our families. My hope is that our unique sameness will blend into a beauty so visually and audibly stunning that those around us must stop to wonder, and watch, and participate.

I see a redemption coming, a glorious understanding and amazement of just how beautiful a thing our uniqueness can make; like a kaleidoscope, a multitude of tiny pieces falling upon one another. When held up to the light, one can only wonder how so great a thing came to be. I stand in hope, and longing for that day.

What has God planted deep inside you that you are only just beginning to see? What is one of your unique traits that show just a bit of His image in you? I would so love to celebrate God's wondrous creation in the unique person he made you to be. Would you comment on this post with your beautifully unique trait(s)?

Lord, my heart bursts with visions of the buried and hidden wonders you planted in each of us. I envision those wonders breaking forth into a chorus of wonder that blends into a movement of change, grace, love, and redemption. Lord, carry our aching, tired hearts as you call forth the beauty planted in us at birth. Use us to be your love to those around us, also calling forth our own unique beauty.

Uniquely Yours,

Becky Miller


[1] [2] Terkeurst, Lysa. It's Not Supposed To Be This Way. Finding Unexpected Strength When Dissapointments Leave You Shattered. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2018, p. 26-27.

Picture Credit: Lazada

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