Understanding Defined

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Mission1Race follows 8 principles on the Journey toward Oneness and human reconciliation. Step 1 is Understand represented in October. Every October is a new year for Mission1Race and a new year for us, as humans, to begin anew, starting with humility and being more Understanding to others and ourselves.

According to Merriam-Webster, Understanding, entry 1 is defined as “a mental grasp; the power of comprehending; friendly or harmonious relationship”. Entry 2 defines Understanding “endowed with understanding; tolerant, sympathetic.”

Do you think the average person takes the time to Understand every person they come into contact with daily? Studies show not. Most of us operate in survival mode, getting what we need done for the day, with little regard for others. Take that onto a global platform. If we tend to not think about others, and only ourselves, how do we overcome fear? Especially the fear of not knowing. We hate and fear because we do not know or we choose not to know. This is why we have courses like how to be better active listeners, as humans tend not to be. Our media is filled with so much sensationalism now, how do we sort the truth and the lies? How do we choose love and understanding?

Let’s take a step back as the world’s problems cannot be solved overnight. Today, take one moment to understand a co-worker, a family member, a stranger on the street, through an interaction or a conversation. We can understand through commonalities, and by way of life, there is common ground within everyone. The prerequisite to understanding, is humility – is realizing we can connect with someone without precursor. You like ice cream? I like ice cream. You don’t like heights? Me neither. The simplicity of finding that common ground with another human being, regardless of race, gender identity, background, societal implications, etc., is basic. You can find the value in each person you come across if you take the time to first find humility within yourself, and lean into understanding.

In concept, seems easy, and in practice, so much harder. What about the infinite numbers of exes? What about the toxic family members? Sometimes we need to understand that we won’t always understand. Understanding can be about acceptance – accepting within ourselves and finding the love to express that outwardly to others. We step forward on this path not with all the answers and being ok with never knowing them.

Challenge yourself to keep asking why? –

  • Why don’t I understand? And in return…

  • Why don’t you understand?

If we can approach these questions with no prejudgment or bias…if we can look past our own one-directional viewpoint…if we can pause and seek to understand or be open to understanding – then we’re starting to treat humans like humans.

Real Life Snippet: How many of us will never understand why an ex ended a relationship or why it felt like they gave up on it so easily? Did you feel judged and unheard? Did it feel like it came out of nowhere? And I’m not saying that the relationship shouldn’t have ended either. What we can do is try to understand…understand that you and your ex still have things in common. Understand that there is someone else out there for both of you and you’re on two different paths. Understand that you can have love for them on some level because they’re another human being and we choose love over hate universally. It’s not easy and it never will be.

Take a step forward and be open to unlearn any preconceived notions you have about anyone and everyone and seek to Understand.

Author: M1R Movement Staff

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