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Truth and Justice

Continuing my reading on reconciliation, I’ve been introduced to the concept of personifying different sides of an argument, namely that of Truth and Justice. What are they saying? It boils down to the most important questions that remain mostly unasked, unanswered, and if voiced, barely heard amidst the din of hurt and harm inside normal conflict. What is it that most concerns you? What is it you most fear?

Truth is most concerned about airing what is hidden, she brings wrongs to light. Justice seeks punishment, retribution, or instituting restraints as the situation may dictate. I think about the recent riots found in cities across the U.S. Truth and Justice were loud voices screaming out the unrecognized pain and injustice. Their voices were calling out in a way that was, perhaps, the only way they knew to be heard. What was their greatest concern? I heard Truth say, “I have been hurt, abused, mistreated, targeted, overlooked, and no one seems to care. I am tired! I want this to be known! I want this to be seen. But I’ve run out of options to make myself visible.” Justice calls for reckoning, accountability, and fairness! But then Justice and Truth began to speak from the other side, “The destruction, the fear, the anarchy, how can we stand tall if we don’t proclaim the harm to livelihood and those charged with our protection?”

Dear Truth and Justice, what are your greatest fears? “That those who have been overlooked will continue to be passed over; that the harm will never stop and more innocent life will be grotesquely, yet without cause, horridly lost.” I believe I also hear you say that you fear for those who honorably seek to protect; that their ability to protect will be stripped away.

Do you feel it with me? The space that is created in the acknowledgement of beautiful Truth’s and Justice’s deepest concerns and fears? It strips the blame, and the righteous indignation. It strips away “them vs. us”, it connects our hearts on concerns and fears. Truth speaks for all that has been hidden and unrecognized. Justice demands impartiality too easily absent. Expressing the greatest concerns and deepest fears paves the way towards conversation and acknowledgement.

Lord – Opening my ears to the voices of Truth and Justice is a difficult endeavor. It tears at all I feel, and think I understand. And yet, I hear tinges of a beautiful melody in their low, melodic groans; something that sounds like it could become an angelic choir of voices in conversation towards lasting peace and redemption. Hold my heart as I wrestle with personal and global reconciliation through the voices of Truth and Justice.
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