There is Beauty

The little girl danced joyously through the field of bright orange California Poppies. Delight was written all over her face as she enjoyed the beauty of the sun and the jungle of orange swirling around her. It was a scene fit for the grandest finale of the most touching movie. Pure joy at the enjoyment of this unique part of God’s creation.

But it wasn’t to last. Her burdened, angry, father entered the scene. A bully and full of selfish scorn, he stomped through the field, bringing the full wrath at his unjust life to this moment. His big, heavy feet inside dirty, even larger boots, stomped viciously, crushing the brilliant orange flowers.

When he finally caught up to the enraptured little girl, he’d left a swath of destruction in his wake. Crushed stems littered the landscape, stems that had only moments prior supported bright blooms reaching toward the sun. They now lay in tangle mats on the floor of this once peaceful field.

Tears filled the young girl’s eyes. “Daddy!,” she begged, clinging to his hand, attempting to stave off more destruction, “Be careful! These are drops of sun we can't touch!” Angrily, he pushed her back from him. His day had been anything but sunny. Indeed, his life had been anything but filled with the beauty and peace of this field. And right now, he couldn’t stand the idea of there being such beauty, he couldn’t stand the orange surrounding him, he couldn’t stand the brilliance in so stark a contrast to his life. He needed a drink, and this stupid field and his little girl’s enthrall was keeping him from it.

He began to rake the flowers with his feet, stomping wider, heavier, dragging his little girl behind him in an effort to extinguish the pain through more destruction. Our sweet little heroine, tears streaming down her face, begged him to stop. She mourned for the broken sunbeams laid to rest in the musty dirt.

So Jesus traveled around, teaching and healing… healing diseased bodies, for sure, but more importantly, healing the bruised and hurt lives. And when he looked into their faces, his heart broke. He broke because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd to care for them, alone, defenseless. And he instructed his disciples to pray. Pray for more to share about the beauty. (Matt. 9.36-38)

"Oh, Lord, my heart swells with gratitude for the unique facets of beauty seen throughout the one human race. And my heart cries with anguish to see that beauty extinguished simply because it is beautiful. Oh, Lord help us! Your love is the only healing balm for a wound so deep. Hold us now, as we are dragged through a field of crushed beauty. Give us the integrity to mourn and beg, just as the little girl so bravely cried out for the sunbeams. Reach us, oh Lord, we pray. Send more to share in the wonder. Send more to share in the beauty. "


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