The Long Road

The dark road stretched for miles ahead, no end in sight. One foot in front of the other.

Just keep moving forward. "God help me." The lone man traveled those many miles, on a mission to raise awareness for the need for oneness. This man was following God's calling to begin a movement that would affect this world with Christ's love. Now, a year later, we are many mem

bers strong, and eagerly press towards our official public launch date, May 1, 2020. God carried the lone man through miles of isolated pavement, just as he carried Mission1Race through the last year of careful plodding. M1R now excitedly anticipates God's provision for this coming year! 

I'd really like to thank you for your commitment to pray for M1R. As a child, I remember being told about various individuals who were "prayer warriors." It wasn't until I began to see God's answer to those prayers that I realized how powerful a force is the conversation with God. It gives me chills to think about all the silent tears that have spilled down tired faces and landed in Jesus' tender hands. 

Almost exactly one year ago, a great chorus of tears and prayers went up for that one lone man on a mission of oneness, running up the coast of California. He was at the end of physical and mental capacity. Yet Jesus ran beside him, and when he could run no more, brought others to the mission of oneness to take the strides with and for him. So many prayers were answered as Richard "RichRel" Reliford's body healed and the team crossed the finish line. 

Then began the long months of establishing an organization and recruiting volunteers. The work was long, lonely, and discouraging for the very few involved. It was as if the endless miles of running now continued in figurative form. Yet God continued to provide. As you prayed, provision and incredibly committed volunteers eagerly joined M1R with a clear view of the need for oneness. Passionate members committed hours of work to contribute towards the realization of love in the world. 

Today, we are just around the corner from our official public launch. "Jesus! You are bringing our efforts to fruition!" All the hours of work (that sometimes felt so pointless) are birthing something amazing! We excitedly walk into the unknown future, grateful for the continued prayers of the faithful. Grateful for the God who hears us. Grateful for your continued support.  Jesus, I am excited right now! It seems M1R is seeing some reward for the hours of work that were submitted in obedience and faith. Thank you for your continued presence and guidance. You said your word accomplishes your purpose (Is. 55.11) and we are so grateful to be a part of your transformation of the world. For and with love, we will follow you, one step, one heart, one mind, and one soul at a time. Let your strength and love flow through us, towards each team member and on into the world, so desperately in need of your love. 

-Becky Miller

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