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The Blessing

May the Lord bless you

As he also holds you.

May His face always shine on you

As his graciousness abounds.

As He turns his face towards you

May he also bring peace. (Num. 6.24-26) May you know God is almighty;

He is faithful,

And keeps his promises

To generations upon generations

Of those who love him

And follow after His heart. (Deut. 7.9)

May the LORD keep watch over you

Wherever you may go,

Now and forever. (Ps. 121.8)

Ever wish you were one of the Old Testament heroes who received a blessing and then actually got what was promised? A favorable prediction of the future removing all the guesswork and that hideous faith requirement… I want it! I want to know what’s going to happen in my life and then pursue it without having to figure out all the in-between stuff.

My blessing isn’t quite the crystal ball I’d like. It doesn’t tell me the next steps to take. But it is quite the blessing, is it not? The creator of the world, king of the universe, turns towards me with tender regard, providing peace amidst the turmoil. All-knowing father, faithful friend, keeps his promise to countless descendants of those who love and follow Him. Protector, defender maintains guard always. No, he isn’t telling me which job to take, or the best way to school my children. He is promising peace and presence on a journey of love and devotion, both now and forevermore!

Dear friends, we can love one another, because love comes from God.

Those who have truly received love, can truly give love.

Because God pours so much love into us, we also love one another. (1John 4.7-8, 11)

He is for you and so am I.

May God's favor flow through me, and onto you. May His favor flow through you, and onto me.

Lord, fill me and flow through me as I align my heart with yours for the aching and the broken. Fill my broken soul so I can be a vessel carrying to the world your peace and love.
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