Remembering 9/11

On this anniversary of the extreme consequences of hate and violence, I take this moment to let the tears flow. On that fateful day, so many lives were forever altered. So much was lost.

May we remember those last phone calls. Those brave men and women who realized they had seen their loved ones for the last time. Those last calls that reassured of love and hopes for a bright future.

May we remember those who rushed toward danger. Those brave men and women who realized the gravity of the situation and made the resolve to rescue, if only one soul. Those last brave actions that said your life is as important as mine.

May we remember the community tears. Those brave tears we cried with our neighbors and our country. Those weeks and months when we wept together in hurt and mourning.

As we reach for resolution to our current wrongs, may we remember the power created when we love our neighbor.

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