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Praying for Love

In all the mass shootings, police brutality, and hateful acts that have been perpetuated in just the last 6 months, it seems almost diabolical to merely pray for love. What effect can one quiet voice have in a world swirling with hate? It feels so powerless, like a single drop of water, quickly evaporating.

As I write this, I am sitting next to a body of water that calls itself a river. It isn’t so much a river as a small creek that winds its way through the landscape. It is a small, harmless creek that provides many safe adventures for my children. But even this diminutive creek has the power to fell trees and shape the landscape. The power of the many drops of water, together, remind me that the sincere and persistent prayers of those that are righteous have a powerful effect (Jam 5.16b).

And then I looked up that verse.

If you confess your sins to each other, all your offenses, healing and restoration will be achieved as you pray for one another (James 5.16a).

Well now, that deepens this discussion a bit doesn’t it?

It requires me to take full responsibility for the harm I’ve caused, the ways in which I’ve looked the other way, the systems I may allow or encourage to persist because I benefit from them, though others may be seriously harmed. Then the prayers of the righteous will have the power of the mighty river.

This is true love. A willingness to humble one’s self and acknowledge the hurt I’ve caused. A willingness to feel the impact I’ve had on another.

Lord, soften our hearts, and incline them towards our hurting neighbors. Those trapped under oppression, those completely disregarded. May we be willing to set our comfort aside to pursue the glory of God, seen in the other. May we repent, and then pray, and may you do mighty works of redemption in lives and communities so torn apart. Amen.

Photo Credit: Clay Banks, https://unsplash.com/@claybanks

We are aware of the magnitude of this subject matter and the inadequate brevity of this post. For more, please reference our podcasts, our 1Community groups, or feel free to email us at Uniquelythesame@mission1race.org.

We also wish to address our inability to consider issues of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse in our discussions on developing oneness. If you are in an abusive situation of any kind, we encourage you to seek professional and other help; and to realize that this content does not necessarily apply to your situation.

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