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Love: Our Principles Defined

When we talk about love, we are not talking about the run-through-a-field-in-the-setting-sun romantic scene of a movie ending in happily-ever-after. We’re not talking about a bro-mance, giggly girlfriends, or best friends out on the town. We’re talking about the battle scarred and bruised kind of care one person can have for another when they’ve been through the trenches of life with one another. The kind of care that goes beyond one’s own comfort in caring for the needs of others.

Love is the ability to hold pain and joy in willingness to bleed for the other. It is recognizing our own and others inflictions of harm. It calls out the splendor of the other’s story while remembering history and holding vision for the future. Love is living out behavioral consequences, and leaning into forgiveness. Love is tenderness and strength. Love produces service to the other, and brings us all closer to the face of God.

Love is a battle for better.

More than we can ask or imagine.

Love is a tiny bit of Heaven on earth; Christ incarnate. Love is Jesus in us, and through us, to the world.

When we love those around us, we hold their pain and their happiness, not dismissing one feeling in favor of the other. Love is holding their experience alongside our own, and walking with them. Love creates a redemption of past harm that reimagines a future possibility. Love stands in the gap, stretching a hand across the void. Love defends, saying “NO” to additional harm. “Not on my watch” will anyone be left behind or picked off. On my watch, we all look to the face of God, and experience his grace and love and mercy and delight in us, together.

Photo Credit: Love, Susan Kirsch, https://unsplash.com/@makeupartist

We are aware of the magnitude of this subject matter and the inadequate brevity of this post. For more, please reference our podcasts, our 1Community groups, or feel free to email us at Uniquelythesame@mission1race.org.

We also wish to address our inability to consider issues of sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse in our discussions on developing oneness. If you are in an abusive situation of any kind, we encourage you to seek professional and other help; and to realize that this content does not necessarily apply to your situation.

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