For How Long, Lord God

Oh, Lord God –

We’ve heard of the wonders you’ve done.

You commanded victories, you parted seas, you freed slaves, you wrought justice, you brought love.

Our Lord God –

It feels as if we’ve been tossed aside.

We are plundered, scattered, butchered, sold, mocked, scorned, tormented, deserted.

God, our God -

Oh, why have you forsaken us? [1]

We have not abandoned, rejected, deserted, strayed from our first love.

Our Lord God –

Yet our suffering is so great.

We are crushed, killed, slaughtered, destroyed.

Oh, Lord God –

We’ve heard of the wonders you’ve done.

Awaken, heed, attend, defend, strengthen, love, remind, promise, fulfill, covenant, grow, restore, enliven.

(Taken from Psalm 44, NLT)

Come, oh weary, broken children. Come with your questions, come with your confusion, come with your horrid pain. It is a disastrous fight, and we will be by your side. We stand in the gap, we spread the love. Our brothers and sisters, take our hand; we will walk with you.

Together – together we are dangerous to Evil, together we are a force to be reckoned with, together in our unique sameness, together we are more than conquerors (Rom. 8.37).

“If we fall, we will fall together, and when we rise, we will rise together.” [2]

- Becky Miller

[1] Matt. 27.46, Mrk. 15.34, Ps. 22.1)

[2] (King and Country 2020)


King and Country. Together. Performed by King and Country, Tori Kelly, & Kirk Franklin. 2020.

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