A Love so Great!

I was recently asked to think about God’s love for me in light of him having to watch his son die under the horror of the cross. I’m sure you have been asked to think about this as often as I have, but it really hit home when the speaker referenced my children. Imagine, he said, that you have to watch one of your children die on that cross.

The cross was an ancient Roman execution method that exacted significant pain through hours of slow death. This was no quick end. My brain could only handle a few seconds of these thoughts before quickly disassociating. It is too horrible a thought for me to think about it for long. Yet our Father in Heaven suffered this horror for me! He watched his son die this terrible death to pave the way for our relationship. That is love. That IS Love. T.H.A.T., my friend, is LOVE.

So why do I bring this up on a blog where we are praying for reconciliation, for unique sameness, for oneness? Because that LOVE is our foundation. God so loved this whole entire world that he gave up his only kid. So that, whomever believes him, becomes his kid too, and comes into relationship with this amazing Father. (John 3.16) I am that special! That the creator of galaxies would watch his kid die in order to have a relationship with me. And that’s the tie into Mission1Race’s emphasis – He loves everyone that much.

He never said, this was only for me…or the religious…or the good…or those who went to college…or those who hold down steady jobs… He never put dividing lines. This gigantic, magnificent love is intended for all, with no regard for color, mental health, background, age, or socioeconomic status. And so, we love, because He loved us. (1 John 4.19)

Another great question posed to me: ‘Is reading the bible, going to church and avoiding the ‘sins,’ passionate love for our Father?’ Awww, **** No!!!! That’s mediocrity – just getting by – trying to be good enough. I don’t know about you, but a dramatic display of passionate love like that inspires a lot more than lukewarm excitement in me. I’m inspired, awed, incited to dance, cry, wonder, and best of all SPREAD that love. A love so amazing cannot be contained inside my small body. It spills out of my very pores and onto those around me. It cries out – You are awesomely and wonderfully made, (Ps 139.14) you are special, unique, beautiful and of such priceless worth that any attempt to quantify your value would be an embarrassingly inadequate estimation of who you really are!

Lord, keep reminding me of this great love – how much value and significance you place in me. It is too wonderful for me to understand! (Ps 139.6) Yet, when I see myself through your eyes, I then see those around me through your eyes of keenness and passion. How can you love us so much? How wonderful! I cannot fathom it. I cannot contain it!

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