Our structure and strategy are based on three interconnected paths: Movement, Event, and Organization. Together they are our heart and frame our 8 Journeys that spread love and stories, encourage interactive social connection, provide education about our principles and cultivate collaboration through communities and partnerships.



Creating original, thought-provoking content through multiple channels (e.g. social media and podcasts) to encourage conversations and awareness and promote

Oneness and Love.


Providing a platform and opportunity for people to share stories, gift creative abilities and spread artistic talent and expression to meet on common ground, heal wounds and inspire bonds among the masses.


Faith-based curriculum, sermons, and resources.


Diversity/Inclusion/Oneness (DIO) curriculum, seminars, and resources.



Social activities and active events, including our transformational event 

Mission1Race: The Journey, to bring people together and build relationships.


Connecting individuals, locally and globally, to have conversations and experiences in live and virtual environments.


Faith-based organization partnerships and philanthropic alliances.


Organization (NGO and INGO) partnerships and philanthropic alliances.


Learn more about how you can get involved and start your Journey towards Oneness.

Let's work together to build and connect our worldwide community. It only takes one person to start a conversation,  to want to learn more, and to change the world. Together we are ONE human race.

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We Are Uniquely The Same™
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Mission1Race is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in California but for the World.

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