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Are you an organization looking to partner with Mission1Race? Or an individual with a desire to lead or participate in one of our initiatives? From educational curriculum, to authentic relationship building, volunteering with partner organizations and sharing through arts and media, read on to find out more. 


A movement is special because it is non-definitive, only bounded by our common mission to LOVE one another according to the belief that we are uniquely the same, and with the goal of bringing ONEness. 

The below are suggestions on how you can lead or participate in one of our 8 ONEness programs, but if you have ideas, we would love to hear from you and support you. 

Classroom Lecture


Would you like to lead a session in a school, community center, or church to educate others on how we can develop better understanding for each other? One that leads to inclusion, oneness, forgiveness, reconciliation, #1Truth and #1World. Or would you like to participate in future discussions in your city, or remotely with others all across the world? 


Are you looking to find your #1Community and build authentic relationships? We will help you find those connections. Or perhaps you want to hold social events and invite others into your community, or lead discussions around diversity and inclusion. Aside from #1Step active social events, there are many ways to build your community. We will equip leaders to form grassroots-led communities that pursue connection and in turn promote reconciliation and healing.

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Study group


Do you lead an organization or church with the same #1Passion, and believe that we share the same beliefs and values, and are similarly seeking to demonstrate LOVE through action? Or perhaps you know of an organization that would be great to partner with. We want to welcome and serve all regardless of characteristics, social status, abilities, etc. to #1Touch this world. We want to partner and collaborate with you.


Do you have a piece of art that represents forgiveness and understanding which you would like to share? Or perhaps you are passionate about using art to share stories and bring about  #1Love healing and would like to empower others to do the same. Maybe you have heard our podcasts of #1Voice and would like for someone that has inspired you to be featured. 

Museum 1

A movement is only as strong as it numbers, so we need your help to spread the message and LOVE! 

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