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Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, we release new episodes of our podcasts,

We Are Uniquely The Same™ and Mission1Purpose, featuring our Founder & President, Richard "RichRel" Reliford.


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We Are Uniquely The Same™:
Everyone Gets the Love
This podcast promotes that we are all a part of one human race. We are valuable, beautiful human beings, and we are only separated by 12 degrees of false separation. Each episode looks to invite conversation among our featured guests and discuss how we can follow Mission1Race principles in our daily lives and inspire others to abolish inequality, celebrate our individuality, and embrace our differences, while building a more interconnected worldwide community.
Listen to our most recent We Are Uniquely The Same episode below and visit the Show site for all our episodes.

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Mission1Purpose with RichRel:
Purpose without Mission is Purposeless
This podcast serves to contemplate our Mission in life and how our purposes help guide us towards our Mission. Our goal through this podcast is to activate as many people as possible, especially leaders, to live a mission-filled lifestyle. Leaders can reflect on how to use their unique influence and platforms to spread knowledge, Mission, Love, and Oneness. We also encourage everyone to listen in for reflection and introspection and to help you find your Mission among your purpose.
Listen to our most recent Mission1Purpose episode below and visit the Show site for all our episodes.

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